Introducing Posing Without Fear

Introducing Posing Without Fear

The proven, step-by-step method to posing REAL couples in REAL situations (while still creating the elevated and dreamy wedding photographs you love). 

Ready to finally feel confident in your posing (no matter the Situation)? 

This is your chance to grab this course for 50% off!

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Especially on unpredictable wedding days! Rushed timelines, brides and grooms that can't seem to relax, and the constant weight on your shoulders (besides just camera bags). You want to create the beautiful images your clients hired you for, but the stress is holding you back from your fullest potential. 

So you resort to using the same old poses, prompt the couple, "to smile and laugh at each other!" and hope that no one notices that every. single. wedding or session looks the same. 

Consistently creating natural & authentic photos feels almost impossible.

You know how to work your camera like the back of your hand. But Posing? 

“Julie’s posing has saved me numerous times when I’ve been short on time on a wedding day! Now I never run out of ideas! It’s been a life-saver and confidence booster!"

- Kelly

What People Are Saying...

Here's What You Need:

An effortless posing Flow

So that you can enter every situation with confidence because you KNOW your step-by-step game plan to get the photos you want.

Training on how to handle any sticky posing situation

Because weddings + engagement session are made up of REAL people (not trained models). It's your job to make everyone look like the best version of themselves! 

Tips + Prompts to get the "natural" Posing results you want

Did you know there are things you can say to your couples that will make them relax, enjoy their time together, and blossom in front of your lens? 

The proven, step-by-step method to posing REAL couples in REAL situations (while still creating the elevated and dreamy wedding photographs you love). 



Yes please!

Module One

-How To Really Get to Know Your Clients
-How to Create a Game Plan BEFORE Your Arrive
-How to Leverage Different Personalities
-Your Brand New Secret Sauce For Getting Couples to Actually Relax + Look Natural

Each module includes hours of posing content!


Module Two

-How to Get 40+ Poses (In 10 Minutes Flat)
-Difficult Posing Situations: How to Overcome + Anticipate Them
-Posing When a Partner Has a Disability 
-Posing When the Bride is Taller Than The Groom
-Posing When Both Couples Are Plus Size 
-Posing When Bride is Plus Size + Groom is Smaller 
-Posing When Groom is 2ft Taller Than The Bride 
-Posing For The Camera Shy 
-Posing When They Ask NOT To Be Posed 

Yes yes yes!

Module Three

-Developing Your Personal Posing Flow
-Signature Poses That'll Have Clients Wanting to Book You! 
-Why You Need 4 CORE Poses (And How to Make Them Unique For Each Client)
-Client-Lead Posing For Natural Results

I'm In, Julie!

Bonus Live Videos

-Flow Posing With A Real Couple
-Flow Posing With An Editorial Bride (Model)
-Flow Posing With A Traditional Bride But Incorporating Fine Art Posing
-Flow Posing With A Groom
-40+ Images in 10 Minutes Using My 4 Core Poses
-Lifestyle Session With A Plus Size Couple
-Quick Flow Poses With A Plus Size Couple






In Posing Without Fear, you'll learn:

How does this sound?

The secret to getting even the most bashful couples to relax in front of your lens

How to handle every sticky posing situation you can imagine... without freezing up

The reason client-lead posing will instantly evoke connection from you photos (and how to do it)

How to create your own signature pose (and why it will get more clients through your door)

How to develop your personal posing flow (40 portfolio-building poses in 10 minutes flat) 

Afterwards? You'll be more confident + equipped as a photographer because you have all the posing skills you need in your back pocket.

3 jam-packed course Modules

I'm all about putting course content to use! You'll have access to live footage of me posing REAL couples with REAL posing dilemmas.

Live footage of julie posing real couples

This tried-and-true questionnaire will ensure that you feel 100% ready to pose + photograph your clients. I'd consider it magic...

Access to the signature posing prep questionnaire

How it works

I can guarantee that once you feel confident in your posing? The rest fall into place. Come rain or shine, you'll know how to make every. single. client. radiate connection, romance, and authenticity. Imagine arriving to every wedding + session with EXCITEMENT because creating the elevated imagery you desire is EASY. That's what you want your job to feel like, isn't it? 

The secret sauce to great photography is posing. And you don't have to spend 10+ years in the industry before you know how to pose like the back of your hand. 

you're in the right place.

Master your personal posing flow! 40+ poses  in 10 minutes flat is the best trick to have up your sleeve.

Know how to make even the most bashful couples blossom in front of your lens.

Be able to handle every sticky posing situation...without freezing up.

Leverage your own signature pose (that will grab dream clients' attention + set you apart).

Learn how to prep for every wedding + session with effortless posing in mind.

Have tips + tricks up your sleeve for when you just can't seem to break out of a posing rut.

By the end of Posing Without Fear, you will...

Posing couples in a way that looks natural but flattering in every sense of the word is definitely Julie’s specialty. 

- Heather Benge, Styled shoots Across America Founder

As a planner, I know when my clients are with Julie, they will get the best images possible while having a fun and comfortable session that makes them feel (& look!) like professional models! Her posing techniques instill confidence in every person who gets in front of her camera and that to me is a Superpower!

What People Are Saying...

“I didn't think it would be worth it. It was. I didn't think it would work for me. It did. I didn't think I'd be *that* success story. I am. ”

- jordan s.

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Photography found me 10 years ago and changed my life in ways I never could have imagined. From booking celebrities, seeing my work on the cover of People magazine, traveling to Europe every few months (pre-COVID), speaking in front of thousands of photographers, and even founded a leading photography conference: The Hybrid career has been the joy of my life. Today I need you to know that I am nothing special + all this is possible for you, too.

But something still wasn’t sitting right. 

I want to empower you to follow you heart, serve people, and build a thriving business.

And Posing Without Fear is one of the foundational courses you need to realize those beautiful dreams. When you don't feel confident in posing, your work begins to feel exhausting, overwhelming, and ultimately...anxiety-inducing. I remember hitting a breaking point and realizing that I needed a PLAN for posing my wedding clients, otherwise the stress alone was going to end my career. 

i can help because i've been there

but nowI know how to help!

Posing Without Fear is the only posing course of it's kind because...


As I set out to create this course, I couldn't bear to show you how to pose with (talented) professional models. It felt dishonest.  I know what it's like to show up to a wedding and think, "How do I pose the bride and groom when the bride is 2 ft taller than him?!" or "What do I do when the groom is in a wheelchair?" This is the reality of wedding photography: You work with a wide range of people that are different heights, sizes, personalities, and capabilities. It's such a beautiful thing! And I want you to have the skills to handle every situation (so you can help every client see their beauty). 

This program includes everything you need to pose with ease.

Enroll today and get access to my proven, step-by-step method to posing REAL couples in REAL situations (while still creating the elevated and dreamy wedding photographs you love). 

Mastering the art of natural, joyful, + authentic posing

Creating imagery that demands attention.

Attracting your dream clients by developing a stop 'em in their tracks, signature pose.

Feeling confident that you can create beautiful photos no matter the couple, timeline, or situation. 

Creating a posing method that ensures you never freeze up or forget what to say. 

Feeling more confident + equipped as a photographer because you have the skills in your back pocket.

If you want this to be the year that you *finally* commit to:



Or you can purchase with TWO MONTHLY PAYMENTS OF $275

Try Posing Without Fear for 15 days. Get your money back if it didn’t serve you.

I don't mess around when it comes to online education because I'm deeply invested in your success. If for some reason you aren't satisfied with your experience in Posing Without Fear, you have 15 days to receive your money back.

money back 


This      for you if:

You want to feel 100% confident in your posing skills

You never pose real couples and only work with professional models

Are ready to feel empowered to pose in any situation

YOU'RE NOT WILLING TO Practice & DO THE WORK to master posing

Desire natural, joyful, + Dreamy imagery (rooted in connection)

It's probably        for you if...

You prefer imagery that looks forced, cold, and inauthentic



"Whether you are a seasoned photographer or just starting out this posing course is a must have! I cannot get over what a difference learning posing techniques from Julie has made in my business."


What People Are Saying...

Is Posing Without Fear a good fit for me? 

If you're a wedding photographer who doesn't feel 100% confident in your need this course! Posing Without Fear was created to empower you with the skills, posing flow, and know-how you need to rock any posing situation. But honestly? The real value is confidence. Confidence knowing that no matter how unpredictable a wedding might be, you know exactly how to make your clients look good in front of your lens. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I take this course at my own pace? I don't have much time! 

Yes! The course modules will be delivered to your inbox on December 1st and from there you'll have lifetime access to the lessons. And friend, I get it. Life is busy and your spare time is precious. This course is easy to digest yet filled with practical posing skills that will serve you throughout your career. As a former teacher, I make sure my lessons pack a punch and result in wins for your business.  

How is this course different from other posing courses out there?

I still have a few questions, can I contact you? 

Because after 10+ years as a wedding photographer I've learned that posing isn't just about mastering a posing flow or knowing what to say to get the "right" reaction. In this course you'll learn my strategy for getting to know my clients before the shoot, how to pose real people and solve real posing issues, how to adapt flow posing so that it works for everyone, and the art of client-lead posing (and why it will get you natural-looking results). Posing isn't one-size-fits-all, and this course shows you how to master it all. 

Please do! Let's share a virtual Pepsi and chat all things Posing Without Fear. Email me at and let's find out if this course is what your business needs. 

Friend. It's time to ditch the Pinterest boards and Instagram 'inspiration' binges. Once you have my tried-and-true posing method? You'll be overflowing with ideas, inspiration, and the ability to evoke natural emotion out of every. single. couple.